Energy Efficient Technology

A core tenet of our philosophy at WPM have been the promotion of more environmentally friendly solutions to all our clients although we do not try to force fit or lecture.


The belief that every company should consider green issues when building or repurposing a site is now almost universally accepted with considerable economic pressure on those companies which choose to ignore it. WPM are constantly finding ways to do what is morally right without overspending the budget. Indeed our fees in relation to the more sustainable items of design are generally at no extra cost!


We do want to make sure you have all the accurate information available and are aware of your options. We will hopefully surprise you with the simplicity and paybacks of including new and more sustainable products and systems in your building. Generally we aim to achieve a building which uses 50% less gas and eletricity than its equivalent traditional design.



We are constantly carrying out research into the various new technologies used across the industry. The value of that expertise deployed in any venueor facility has very tangible financial appeal:


  • Dramatic savings on utility costs
  • Long-term increase in the value of your real estate
  • Considerable public relations benefits


The commercial pressures to reduce our energy consumption are now too big to ignore. The environmental consequences of turning a blind eye are unimagineable. It is now commercial suicide to not start thining about how to retain that value of our estate and your future developments.


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