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Our goal is to create the perfect building to suit the functions required. We create warm, inviting places which attract and retain customers. We create original, aesthetically pleasing environments which surpass the aspirations of those who visit or work within them, balancing operational needs with exceptional style and quality finishes is our forte. We create environments that allow your business to flourish, leading to your increased successes and hopefully our next project!


We believe that communication is the key to truely understanding a client's ambitions, needs and future directions. WPM places great emphasis on listening to a client about how their building will be used, and researching all relevant background. Our philosophy is that our designs should facilitate their functions at the same time maximising the results for every hard earned pound our clients invest in them.


That said, our award-winning designs often incorporate cutting-edge innovations while remaining sympathetic to the commercial purpose and local environment; exceeding our clients' expectatios is the standard at WPM.


We have the teams in place to achieve results again and again. We also work well in established teams. We are working various airport sites including Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted and have fitted smoothly but effectively within their established processes and partners for example.


From CAD design to the finishing touches, we keep tight control on costs of labour and materials, cutting unnecessary expenditure to the absolute minimum.


One thing we do not compromise on, however, is quality.

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